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Tony Flood Mechanical

Tony Flood Mechanical is owned and operated by Tony Flood, providing mechanical services and performance engineering to the motoring community in Perth, Western Australia. Tony has a rich history in rally and racing and provides expert advice to get the most out of your vehicle.

Tony's knowledge and assistance has been sought by manufacturers at the highest level of Australian motorsport and motor vehicle development. These same skills and experience are applied to all cars that come to the workshop, whether its your daily driver, or high performance weekend hotrod, racer, or local/national rally car. Further details can be found on our Services page.

To contact Tony, and have your car maintained by Flood Mechanical please visit the Contact Us page

Here are just a few recommendations made by our clients.

Tony Flood Mechanical

"Tony has been an invaluable source of information in the initial build and then development of my Celica. Under his guidance I am always improving my times both as a driver and through developing the car."
- Luke, Perth WA

"My 1973 GSR Lancer has been developed and maintained by Tony for the last 8 years, it is fantastic to drive and incredibly reliable under his care. I wouldn't take it anywhere else."
- John, Busselton

Tony Flood Mechanical
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